The Tender Loving Care Teaching & Learning Center's Latch Key Program is a program for children beyond the age of the first grade who, because they are in an age group beyond daycare status, are left alone at home without any adult supervision. These children become targets for kidnappers, child molesters, pranksters, and juvenile delinquency. The Latch Key Program is designed to provide a safe, adult supervised, educational and recreational enriched program to keep these children safe and off of the dangerous streets. Our goal is to provide children in our community with: - A safe place to come after school. - A healthy and nutritious meal to keep them energized after a long day at school. - A safe learning environment where they can complete any homework with the help of our professional instructors. - Life lessons that will help them become successful young adults. - Long lasting relationships with our instructors & other children within the institution. Our goal is to provide within our community with a worry-free mindset, ensuring that their children have a safe environment to come to while they are still at work.


- DAYCARE CENTER: 3 Months & Older - AFTER SCHOOL CARE (LATCHKEY PROGRAM): All Ages - KINDERGARTEN: 5 - 6 Years - HANDICAPPED CHILDREN: We will accept applications and determine if the child's needs can be met. Programs Include: Meals & Snacks, Nap-time, and Health and Nutrition. SPANISH/SIGN LANGUAGE CURRICULUM: At Tender Loving Care Teaching & Learning Center we offer a diverse community for children to grow. LANGUAGE: Extension of vocabulary through one-to-one conversation. Reading and telling stories; opportunities to orally express thoughts and feelings. MUSIC: Teaching songs, verse, sound and musical dramas. ARTISTIC/GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Self expressions through creative media and materials (carpentry, peg boards, cutting, pasting, puzzles, etc.) encourages competence by providing opportunity and equipment for physical activity. SOCIAL/PERSONAL GROWTH: By interpretation of one child's behavior to another: by providing an atmosphere for socializing. Emphasis on the child's individual sense of worth and position with teacher and classmates. DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS: Reading and mathematical readiness. By exploring the environment and encouraging the curiosity and interest in learning.


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